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The medsiri story

The driving forces in my life are health, science, and an interest in what it takes for people to thrive. This has led me to be involved in the healthcare field at many different functional levels.  After getting my undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, I did endocrinology research at the largest, most prominent research hospital in the world, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School’s primary teaching hospital.  


After working there for several years assisting Harvard researchers and physicians in endocrinology research, I decided to go to medical school to pursue my passion for ensuring positive health outcomes for as many people as possible.  


While the grinder of medical school was tough, it was nothing compared to the personal battle I was fighting with chronic, debilitating illness.  I had to take multiple medical leaves of absence in school because the extent of my illness became so severe that I was bedridden and barely able to move. A miracle therapy changed the course of my life and gave me a new perspective on what is possible.  


Today, I am putting together a comprehensive and useful foundational health website that can help guide you in making transformational change.  The goal is to help be be healthy as possible for as long as possible - that is what longevity means to me.    

Being the Wellness Director of the premier health optimization and longevity center in the world has also given me tons of real-world experience in bringing about life-changing results for a wide range of patients.  


My background in health and science, my unquenchable curiosity, my love of working with people, and a rational and practical approach to addressing health concerns has allowed me to create, design, write and curate this entire site from scratch.  


The work here is just getting started.  Proper mental and physical health is essential in order to experience all the wonder this world has to offer.  The site aims to curate as many helpful resources as possible to make it straightforward to prioritize optimal health. Start here and become the person you have always wanted to be.


This site is still in beta and I am looking for motivated and passionate people to help me grow it to its full potential.


Any ideas or suggestions?  Contact me.

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