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Tired of not feeling your best? Want to eliminate the frustration around making changes?  Getting a health and wellness coach might be the best investment you can make.  

I take on a limited number of new clients each month.  Fill out the form below if you are interested.  Go to the FAQ for more information (including pricing).

What are your health goals? (list up to 3)
What do you feel is your biggest barrier to making the changes you want?
Do you have any medical conditions that make it difficult to make lifestyle changes?  
How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 
If you were to be coached for 6 months what changes would you expect to see at the end of that process?

Thanks for submitting! Sirish will be in contact soon.  

What I can do: rely on my knowledge and experience to guide you towards better health outcomes.
What I can't do:  give you specific medical advice in relation to medical conditions or prescribe medication.
Having attended medical school, I understand the scope of my practice when it comes to coaching.  I can give you recommendations if I feel like you need to seek out medical care.  Knowing where to start when it comes to feeling your best can be complicated.  I can synthesize the information you give me about your health and help you make the right decisions, whether that is practicing actions that lead to healthier food decisions or recommending a  clinician to address specific health concerns.  
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