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It's time to change.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” - Earl Nightingale

It's never been easier to start implementing positive changes in your life.  All the tools and information you need are compiled on  Take the first steps and start your transformation.  

Change is a necessary part of life.  But it can also be difficult and frustrating.  It doesn't have to be.  


The change you want to make could be anything from losing weight to finding better, more productive use of your time to just being a nicer person.  Whatever it is, the underlying purpose is the same: We just want to feel better. Consistently.


Figuring out how to start making changes in your life can be intimidating.  There is so much information out there that sorting through all the noise can be a confusing and tedious task.   Many people quit before they truly begin.  


The simple truth is that there isn't one right way to do things that applies to everyone. But there is a way that is most likely to work for the majority of people.  That is what science tries to determine and what this site tries to present.


You want the best, most efficient path forward to achieve your goals. A path based on developing constructive habits, that if implemented properly can bring about transformational change.


The vast majority of people looking for answers to their dilemmas would benefit greatly by turning their attention to improving four fundamental areas of life that have a sweeping impact on practically every aspect of human well-being

The real Secret is that practice, discipline, and finding meaning in your work are the most effective ways to achieve what you want in life.  

The goal is to make small, manageable changes that turn into habits and routines that eventually seem so natural that you are not even exerting much effort to do them anymore.
For instance, it becomes much easier to turn down a cigarette if you are exercising daily and eating healthier.  You will have incorporated a healthy mindset, and once you do that, it takes much less self-control to stop smoking (or drinking, or any number of other bad habits).
And your healthy mindset is not just some mental shift in perspective here, it is much more than that—there are physiological changes that are happening at the cellular level when you exercise and eat healthier—neurons rewiring, forming new patterns, and changing how you think and operate on a subconscious level.   
Derailment from your path becomes much harder.  The self-control that you once needed to fight off unhealthy cravings can be used elsewhere, and your decision making will improve across the board. 

Derailment from your ideal path becomes much harder when you incorporate healthy, self-reinforcing habits into your life.  

As you start addressing these core issues using the advice on this site, you will begin to notice changes, at first in a very subtle matter.  As your sleep routine improves so will your energy levels and your ability to make better choices.  This will spur you to be more active and eat healthier.  
Practicing mindfulness affects all other pillars, making you more mentally aware and conscious of your thoughts and actions. Instead of drifting through your days in a haze of highs and lows, you will learn to control your emotions more effectively, to enjoy the simple moments, and become grateful for the world around you.
Your mood will improve and soon you will notice yourself doing things that used to take enormous amounts of effort with much more ease.  Your creative output, something that many people’s livelihoods depend upon, will change dramatically.  Ideas will pop into your head more readily and you will be able to communicate them more clearly. People will be drawn to you, because they are usually drawn to people with an inner glow.

It's time to stop drifting through your days in a haze of highs and lows.  Use mindfulness and meditation to more effectively control your emotions and appreciate more of the world around you.  

You will find that all four pillars reinforce each other, and habits and routines start to form.  Before long you will have achieved the changes that you want, but you will not stop there.  Because by the time you are done using the methods and advice detailed here, you will have internalized this growth-oriented process, and the need and ability to seek further personal development will become second nature—you will become relentless in the implementation of positive change.      
We all have a limited time on this beautiful planet, and our brain and body are the vessels through which we experience it—and in the end, they determine how profound of an adventure life can be. This world can be special—it contains enough wonder and awe, love and beauty, goodness and compassion, for you to have the rich experiences and emotional fulfillment you seek.

This world is filled with beauty, wonder, and awe.  Do everything you can to put yourself in the best mental and physical condition to experience it fully.  

You want to be able to put yourself in the best mental and physical state possible to have that full experience of existence.  And to do so, it makes sense you would want to address the issues that are scientifically proven to have the greatest impact on you—before anything else—as they can have a cascading impact on everything else.  
Your personal goal can be as broad as wanting to be happier or as specific as wanting to learn how to read faster.  Whatever it is, start here, and the path ahead will open up to you in extraordinary ways.

We all want to be more disciplined.  To cultivate the mental energy to withstand our impulses and temptation is the basis for positive change.  Optimizing The Four Pillars will let you reach a state of awareness where your actions are clear and decisive.  

True, meaningful change requires a solid foundation.  There is simply no better way to build that strong foundation than practicing mindfulness, regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and consistent sleep.  It is the most practical and effective way to start bringing about massive change—and I will lay out the evidence for that claim methodically and clearly.  The next question is how do you go about realistically addressing these areas in your life?


What exactly constitutes a good and healthy diet?  What is the best way to exercise, so it doesn’t become a chore every day, but rather something you actually look forward to doing?  What exactly is mindfulness and is it really going to change your life?  (Yes!)


Getting by on six hours of sleep all these years might seem normal and you might not feel like it’s affecting you, but by the time I present the evidence otherwise—on how proper sleep is one of the most significant components to leading a healthy, stress-free life and how it underpins the most important biological processes we need to function properly—it just might make it easier to turn off the lights a little bit earlier.  Of course, you will also want the best methods to make sure you can sleep properly.


You want straightforward answers in one clearly accessible place. The information on this site is meant to be easy to follow, concise, referenceable, and most of all, as closely aligned to the facts as possible. This means being backed up by hard science.

Science and human determination have brought about humanity's greatest achievements.  They are the key to unlocking your potential.  

By implementing routines that are simple to establish, providing methods for making sure you follow through, and using science to establish what is true and what is not, you will have the tools and knowledge necessary to pursue your ambitions in the most effective manner.


While much of the advice on this site is primarily aimed at people just starting their journey–or those who have tried and failed to get anywhere in the past–the information here is universal.


I should also tell you what this site is not. This is not a site of “life hacks” or shortcuts designed to get you quick results—advice intended to make you think you are making progress—none of which truly lasts.  There is no 4-Hour Workweek and there is no Secret.

What there is, though, are proven methods that can get you results in an efficient manner that is sustainable long term. Schemes based on unorthodox methods and metaphysical jargon might be entertaining to read about, but this is about creating something deeper and more meaningful—something built to last a lifetime.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 

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