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Everything you need to know about Exercise and Fitness,

all in one place.


This page covers everything you need to know about exercise and fitness.  Whether you are a beginner just trying to learn the basics or already have years of experience admiring yourself in the mirror, this site aims to be an invaluable, consistently updated reservoir of the best tools and information the internet has to offer.  

The Best Web Resources on Exercise and Fitness

Web Resources
Mobility and Yoga
Cardio and HIIT
General Fitness Resources
The Answers To All Your Beginner Questions

Confused about where to start?  Want to know the distinction between cardio and strength training and what you should do?  The resources below should answer your questions.'s comprehensive overview covering everything you want to know about building cardiovascular endurance and fitness

Strength training is an important element of overall fitness, and this beginner's overview of weight training is a good place to start if you want to understand why everyone should be doing it.  

An easy to digest overview of resistance training and why it is an efficient way to not only get the body you want but also reap all the mental benefits.  

If you are a beginner just starting off, this FAQ answers almost all the questions you might have about exercise and fitness.  

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnessesbehind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the roadlong before I dance under those lights.” 
Muhammad Ali
Where to Start

Everyone has different goals when it comes to fitness, but for most who are starting off, the number one priority should be to be more active on a consistent basis.  Almost all of your questions will be answered by the links on the left.  If you are looking for a routine to follow, pick a convenient one from the list below.  


As many people become more efficient and improve they will seek out new tools and information.  The goal of this site is to eventually have everything useful there is to know about exercise and fitness all in one convenient place, so you will never have to wonder again if there is a better or simpler way to do things.

Remember, if losing weight is your main goal then more mental energy should be spent on trying to avoid that 300 calorie bag of potato chips than trying to burn the same amount of calories at the gym, which would take much more time and effort.  Exercise is essential, but it is not a substitute for a poor diet. (source)

Strength Training and Weightlifting Resources
The Best Free Beginner Weightlifting Guides

If you are a complete beginner who has never set foot in a gym or someone who just needs some initial guidance on where to begin and how to progress, pick a routine below and stick with it for at least two months! 

A comprehensive guide that pretty much covers all the dietary and exercise basics for those just starting.  Easy to follow and highly recommended.  

The least complicated, most basic program to get started with fundamental barbell movements.  If you don't want to think much about what to do and just want to get in the gym, start here, and later transition to an intermediate program.  Has a dedicated app and large following.

Sounds intimidating and complicated, but this was made to be just the opposite.  Two basic pages of the most useful info needed to get in the gym and start working out today.  

Have trouble finding a gym nearby? Resistance training doesn't have to require gym equipment, so start here for exercises you can do at home, or anywhere else.  

Have a set of adjustable dumbbells at home and want to get a full workout?  Here is a simple and effective workout that you can do without needing to go to the gym.  

How to pick the right program  

Being consistent is the key element to this entire process.  These beginner guides were chosen for their simplicity and ease of use.  The most important thing at the beginning is making sure you start, are not overwhelmed, and create a solid foundation that you can then build off of. 


Following any of the guides listed here will be effective and get you results, as long as you stick to the routine. 


You should choose one based on the schedule you are most likely to follow, but all of them will start you off on the right path.


Still feel overwhelmed where to start and want guidance based on your age, weight, and lifestyle?  Go to the guidance section for individualized advice.  

Featured Articles on Strength Training

Here I compile some of the best, most informative articles on strength training on the internet.  This list will be consistently updated and will have a full archive of the older articles posted (coming soon!).  

A comprehensive article that assesses 150+ studies (!) to give you general recommendations for your weightlifting goals.  

Hot take:  "1.8g/kg (0.82g/lb) is the point at which additional protein intake ceases to yield any benefits."  Unless you are on steroids, you don't need more protein than that.  

"How long you can take a break from the gym before you lose muscle mass, strength, and endurance"

The Best Weightlifting Routines

You understand the basics of strength training and might have even had a regular gym membership before.  Now you want a tried and tested weightlifting routine that can take you to the next level.  Consistently follow one of the routines below and you will start seeing such significant changes that people will start asking you for advice on building muscle.     

Probably the most used training routine for gym regulars, and customizable based on your goals and priorities.  Here is a link to the 6 days/wk version, and here is the extremely popular Reddit version. 

This highly popular strength focused program has a companion book that I have linked here, but anyone can try out the template and get the results.  This program is not only effective for elite lifters, but there is also a beginner's variation here.

Let pro natural bodybuilder Dr. Layne Norton's expertise inform you on this high volume 5 day/wk program that focuses on power and hypertrophy.  Another variation is the 4 day/wk PHUL routine.  

A program with a high focus on functional athletics (specifically athletes who want to get bigger, stronger, more dynamic and explosive).  

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” 
Ernest Hemingway
The Best Information on Learning Exercises and Muscle Groups 

If you want to know more about your muscles and all the exercises (and how to do them properly) you can do for each muscle group, these websites have all the information you need. 

The original exercise and muscle directory that is still useful and up to date after almost two decades.  Comprehensive site listing all the muscle groups and complementary exercises along with short videos on how to do each one. 

A very easy and well organized way to see exactly which exercises target which muscle groups.  Has comprehensive list of exercises and directions for each one.   

Reddit has a wealth of information if you know where to look.  r/fitness is a great subreddit, and its resources page has a wealth of information on lifts and muscle groups

No frills website that clearly outlines the muscles on your body and the exercises you can do to work them out.  

“Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight.” 
Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Olympia
The Most Useful Books on Strength Training 

While I've listed enough free guides to get you started, sometimes you want a great book that you can come back to and reference often.  The choices below are great resources and have a wealth of information.  Even if you just pick one and stick with it, you will be well ahead of the pack.

Quite possibly the most useful strength training book ever written. A technical but essential book for all your barbell and strength training needs.   

A popular and amazing resource and guidebook, with great illustrations making it highly functional and practical to use.

Cuts through the bro science and teaches you the basics while keeping it straightforward and easy to follow.  He also wrote a book more targeted towards women here.  

"Many guys devote so many hours to lifting weight yet end up with so little to show for it. In many cases the problem is simple: they aren't doing exercises based on the movements their bodies were designed to do."

Women can have different fitness goals than men and this aesthetics based program written with them in mind is a great place to start.  

The Best Exercise Science 

Want to take a deep dive what the actual scientific studies say about exercise?  Optimal protein intake?  Best time to lift?  How long can you go without a workout before you start losing muscle mass?  The sites below answer all your questions.

Strength Training and Weightlifting Resources
Featured articles - strength
Learn Exercises
Books strength
Ex Sci - strength
YT Main 

The Best YouTube channels and videos on Exercise and Fitness


Jeff Cavaliere is an athlete and celebrity strength coach and physical therapist and he knows his stuff.  Some of his best videos are linked below.

It's never been easier to learn from the best and finally become the person you've always wanted to be.  
Featured Videos on Strength Training

Here I compile some of the best, most informative videos on strength training on the YouTube.  This list will be consistently updated and will have a full archive of the older videos posted (coming soon!).  

Jeffrey Siegel for TED-ED

Omar Isuf featuring Eric Helms

Jeremy Ethier

I will have certainly left off one of your favorite YouTube channels as there is so much content on there and only so much space here.  I don't want to overwhelm you with an endless amount of video that essentially shows the same thing, so I have tried to narrow the scope of this section to the following: highly informative, fairly short, well produced, scientifically backed videos put out by natural bodybuilders (as opposed to steroid enhanced). 


Amazing new content is released on YouTube all the time, so there be new videos consistently added to this site. If you have suggestions on videos or channels to add, don't hesitate to email me.  

Popular YouTube Personalities 

The channels below focus on a combination of lifestyle, motivation, entertainment and strength training.  Sometimes you just want lighthearted fare to watch while you do air squats in your room.   Tread skeptically.

Popular YouTube Channels for Strength Training

The following channels consistently put out informative videos on weightlifting and bodybuilding.  

If you've ever looked up how to do a lift on YouTube in the past, one of Scott Herman's videos might have come up.  The OG fitness Youtuber who first started posting videos over eight years ago, but hasn't seemed to age that much.  Still putting out good, informative content.  

The most informative and well put together videos on bodyweight training specifically.  Great source to find exercises you can practically do anywhere. 

With a focus on strength and powerlifting, this is the channel if you truly want to improve your numbers in the weightroom.  

Jeff Nippard 

A natural bodybuilder who puts out a lot of science-backed videos in an easy to digest format.  Some of the videos from his "Science Explained" series are linked below.  

Strength Training and Weightlifting on YouTube
Popular YouTube Channels for All Your Workout Needs

Want to start but need some guidance?  Whether it is yoga, HIIT, dumbbell training, or just general cardio--whatever it is, YouTube has made it easier than ever for you to be able to begin and stay consistent by following along amazing teachers.  Just choose one of these popular channels and start doing the workouts.  Almost all of them can be done at home with minimal equipment.  There are no more excuses!  

"Over 500 free full length workout videos + new workouts every week. We are not sponsored, we can't be bought, we don't believe in gimmicks & the only thing we endorse is eating real food, and working out for a strong, healthy body."

"Weekly HIIT workouts to help you burn fat and get fitter, stronger, healthier and lean. You don't need a gym to get lean and most of my workouts can be done anywhere with no equipment."

An enormous amount of free content, covering all your yoga needs, especially if you are a beginner.  Can be done anytime, anywhere, and even has yoga to fit your mood.

"Take these result driven workouts with you anywhere to slim your waistline, challenge the abs and tone your arms, legs, chest, shoulders and booty with some of the best in the business. Are you ready to be fit?"

A Workout for Anyone, Anywhere
YT Strength
Why regular exercise is essential for the mind and body

The average day of a modern person is so far removed from the environment our ancestors evolved in, that it must be a complete shock to our current human bodies—we were just not meant to be sedentary day after day.


This is not to say our evolutionary heritage should always dictate our present-day lifestyles, but one thing here is indisputable—regular physical activity has such an extensive range of benefits across the entire spectrum of the human experience that to not include it in your daily routine (if you are physically able to) would be doing yourself a grave disservice.


Read more about why regular exercise is essential for the mind and body here.


Huge updates are on the way!  
Enjoy the view for now, change is coming! 
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