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Simple steps for sustainable behavioral change.



Don't try and change too much at once.  Most people don't stick with drastic changes.  After browsing the site, pick the area that you think needs to be addressed the most.   


Get started

Once you have decided which area needs the most attention, go to one of the guides (or the Quick Start Guide).  Pick one action to make your primary focus for two weeks.



Becoming good at anything requires practice.  Whether it's eating slower or moving 10 minutes more a day, practice it daily for two weeks.  Consistency is the most important step.  


Trust the process

Lasting change will happen with daily practice. After two weeks, you have either succeeded in implementing the skill or not.  If you haven't, make it easier and start again.  If you have, pick a new skill to practice.  Rinse and repeat.   

Need further help with implementing positive long-term habits?  This is the only book you will ever need on the topic:

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